Transform Your Home Décor Through Contemporary Mirrors



Contemporary Mirrors are a timeless décor trend, but yet, their exceptional design continues to amaze every interior design lover. Today, Wall Mirrors lets you in on the concept of the Contemporary Mirrors, and shows you some of the best décor ideas.


Transform Your Home Décor Through Contemporary Mirrors

Contemporary Mirrors are definitely the perfect answer to the difficult task that it is to complete your home décor, with the best and most luxurious accessories. At home, some accessories can be missed throughout the space or even get lost within the furniture. When it comes to contemporary mirrors, you can change your space completely, even with one mirror alone.


Being a contemporary décor aficionado, it is crucial that you acquire the most adequate and luxurious items. To complete your home, there’s nothing better that the accessories, such as contemporary mirrors, that will absolutely stand out and bring life to your space. These contemporary mirrors can be of every shape and size, as long as they personify the wonderful concept that’s behind it.


  1. Crackle Mirror

Transform Your Home Décor Through Contemporary Mirrors

Luxxu presents you one of the best contemporary mirrors to complete your home. The Crackle wall mirror is a beautiful piece that is made of high-end gold plated brass, around a smoked black mirror. It also presents a geometric design that resembles a shattered mirror, but in the most luxurious manner. It’s absolutely perfect for you to place at your luxurious marble bathroom, or even in your bedroom.


2. Glance Mirror

Transform Your Home Décor Through Contemporary Mirrors

Within the contemporary mirrors category, the Glance wall mirror fits perfectly. It also brings the idea of a defragmented piece, with gold backdrop, built in cromio lacquered wood. Boca do Lobo shows you that a mirror has more to it than just to provide you with a reflection, but also the possibility for more, a piece of art to admire.


3. Venice Mirror

Transform Your Home Décor Through Contemporary Mirrors

The Venice Wall mirror is also a perfect example for the Contemporary Mirrors concept. It features an incredible craft on this pieces of high-quality glass, along with a completely original design and shape. Once again, Boca do Lobo knows how to impress on furniture and accessories, and with this mirror your space would shine.


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