5 Tips To Decorate With The Most Fabulous Mirrors

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When it comes to decorating your home with the perfect vision you had, it’s a constant research for advice and inspirations on the best furniture, specially in accessories. In the  accessories, there are so many types of mirrors to choose from, that it turns complicated the task to pick the one that fits your home. Wall Mirrors shows you some of the best ways to decorate with mirrors.


  1. Mirror Pendants

5 Tips To Decorate With The Most Fabulous Mirrors

Mirror placements can be standard at times, not giving the attention it deserves, because a mirror can still serve as a piece of art, or an accessory to complete your home décor. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can mix things a bit, and give it a breath of fresh air. A pendant mirror is a great example, in which you can change the room’s perspective!


2. Mirror Walls

5 Tips To Decorate With The Most Fabulous Mirrors

Mirrored walls are an interior design statement, because they have the power to focus all the attention of the room in the wall. With that concept, you can have a room with less but still luxurious furniture, and finish it with a mesmerizing mirror that goes throughout a whole wall, turning it absolutely exquisite.


3. Different Mirrors On The Wall

5 Tips To Decorate With The Most Fabulous Mirrors

It’s impossible to have too many mirrors, specially if you use it as an alternative concept, in order to establish a different vibe in your home. Of course you can enjoy many art pieces in every room, but who says mirrors can’t be an exceptional work of art? With this display, you can place many different mirrors, with different colors and shapes, bringing your whole wall and home to life.


4. Root Mirror

5 Tips To Decorate With The Most Fabulous Mirrors

Oversized mirrors are absolutely a thing, and alone, they can transform any room you place your mirror in. This Root wall mirror, from Boca do Lobo, is the perfect example for that affirmation, because it stands out automatically through its over overlapped structure of framed mirrors combined, with many shapes and sizes.


5. Diamond Big Mirror

5 Tips To Decorate With The Most Fabulous Mirrors

Why settle for a typically standard mirror, when you can cause the wow effect, with a bold and outrageous mirror? Essential Home brings that spirit to you, through this unbelievable Diamond Big mirror, that focuses on a geometric shape, reminiscing to the Mid-Century style.


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