Raw Materials Trend, Where Luxury Meets Design



The Raw Materials Trend demonstrates a massive possibility to establish a luxurious concept on your bathroom. Wall Mirrors leads you on some of the best ideas to improve your amazing bathroom.


RAW MATERIALS Raw Materials Trend, Where Luxury Meets Design

The Raw Materials Trend is the definition of high-end furniture and accessories. Marble it’s one of the top materials that is used to complete this trend, as well as stone and porcelain. Today, we get to show you some of the best mirrors to acquire, in order to establish this latest trend.


1. Tortoise Wall Mirror

Raw Materials Trend, Where Luxury Meets Design

This Raw Materials Trend mirror is brought to you by Maison Valentina, and it’s inspired on the incredibles shells that are part of the tortoises. The Tortoise mirror is created with high gloss lacquered wood, Nero Marquina and Yellow Triano marble details.


2. Sapphire Wall MirrorRaw Materials Trend, Where Luxury Meets Design

Maison Valentina also features this Sapphire Wall Mirror, that gets this amazing name through the precious stone that is Shapphire. It’s made out of Cornered Polished Brass, and features a flexibility touch, where you can choose to place it horizontally or vertically, on your Raw Materials trend style bathroom.

3. Magma Wall Mirror  Raw Materials Trend, Where Luxury Meets Design

This mesmerizing wall mirror is an incredible inspiration on one of the Earth’s most important nature elements, the magma. From Maison Valentina, it’s created a mirror through a hand crafted process, the Magma mirror. Its shape is all about the Raw Materials Trend, and it resembles to the suspended crystals and fragments that are normally included.


4. Koi Mirror

Raw Materials Trend, Where Luxury Meets Design

This is the Koi Wall Mirror, a carp shaped mirror, which is the principal inspiration behind it. Maison Valentina created this mirror with a focus on the gold color, and carrying it with aged brushed brass. This wall mirror would look amazing with the Koi Washbasin, to complete your luxurious bathroom, and also the Raw Materials Trend.


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