In this article, you will able to see the product of what happens when mirrors and architecture combine. Studio Note displays a phenomenally alternative to mirrors which are conventionally seen as pieces of furniture or objects, while in their collection it gains a little bit more of an architectural characteristic. This complex and fascinating project blends in the best of both forms, take a look.

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In this collection, there is an accented interchangeability between methods used in the creation of objects, such as mirrors and those used in architecture. Generally speaking, the studio takes into consideration the various forms, from curved to paralleled that a reflection of light can adapt no matter the context.


Designer, Norihiko Terayama took advantage of the lines and reflections present in architecture and brought to life a unique selection of mirrored and detailed objects.


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In a mixture of light and shadows, these artistic objects displays multiple optical effects, each with a unique pattern. To sum up, this line of products showcases the best of both worlds when it comes to accessories, such as mirrors and the grand art of architecture.

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