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In this article, you can find a curated selection of fabulous wall mirrors that would look absolutely stunning in your living room set. From oval to rectangular mirrors, here a few suggestions for your pure enjoyment.

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A sort of sunburst metallic wall mirror makes quite a difference in the overall ambiance of this living room design.

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Source: Lakersheen

This exceptionally decorated living room displays a flower shaped wall mirror that is complemented by a mesmerising chandelier over-heading the table, a monocles sideboard and a phenomenal painting.

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Source: Home Design Lover

This room set screams glamour and sophistication, from the exuberant chandelier to the upholstered chairs. In addition, the uniquely framed Casamidy mirror gives a serene and modern vibe to the room.

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Source: Home Design Lover

Featuring a star styled wall mirror, this living room is one for the books of inspirations and decor ideas. Just look how that mirrored wall positively impacts this setting.

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Source: Home Design Lover

This charming living room set showcases two antique Indian and Syrian mirrors made from mother of pearl and bone which bring in all the necessary light for the most harmonious setting.

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Source: Home Design Lover

This vintage mirror placed overhead a beautiful buffet is rather fundamental to the decor of this room, giving further proof that a wall mirror ought to be placed in a living room.

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Source: GDR Architects

Every single detail in this effective room sparks up one’s attention, from the large rectangular wall mirror in a wooden frame to the anchoring chandelier, to the modest chairs and flawless sculptures placed on top of the table. It is also rather spacious.

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Source: Home Design Lover

In this set, a fragmented mirror cut from gems blends in quite nicely with the remaining decorative pieces.

Source: Home Design Lover

This modern living room in New York displays all the signs of grand living. One peculiarity about this set is the striking mirror on the side which is composed of multiple tiny mirrors.

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Source: Home Design Lover