Nothing says originality like geometric wall mirror designs. They bring up so many memories and look absolutely phenomenal on one’s walls. We hope to leave you mesmerised by this thorough selection of geometric style wall mirrors.

geometric mirrors 1
Source: Alexander Pollock

This enthralling mirror of various geometric proportions can be seen at the South Yarra penthouse which interiors were designed by Alexander Pollock

Source: Charles Neal

This living room design by Charles Neal for Atlanta Interior Design displays two phenomenal rectangular mirrors.

Source: Elayne Barre

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Source: 1st Dibs

Although this wall mirror design has the shape of clouds rather than triangles, we thought it would be a wonderful inclusion to this selection due to its cutting-edge appearance.

geometric mirrors 2
Source: Architizer

This majestic design is situated at Baroque Bar Bistro Patisserie, in Australia.

Brian0011E1HI wall mirror designs
Source: Brian del Toro Inc.

This timeless living room showcases an avant-garde mirror in squared form which was designed by Brian del Toro who’s passion for art and history goes beyond any measures.

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geometric4 wall mirror designs
Source: Lex Pott

Placed at the Hoxton Hotel in Amsterdam, the hexagonal Transcience Mirror Bespoke is a sight for sore eyes.

geometric5 wall mirror designs
Source: AD Magazine

The Miroir Réaction by Hervé Van Der Straeten displays an aesthetically ornamented style with a good blend of colours and forms.

geometric9 wall mirror designs
Source: Alexander Pollock

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