Matte Black Finishes To Inspire Your Home Décor

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Matte black finishes are a conceptual style that transcends everything around your home décor. That happens specially when it comes to the use of accessories such as mirrors, that are so important to embellish your home. Wall Mirrors shows you some of the best items that can embellish this innovative style.


Matte Black

Matte Black Finishes To Inspire Your Home Décor

Matte black finishes are so important to your home décor that it has become a massive trend for 2019. Although the concept of finishes may not seem as important as they are, it plays a big role on your home décor, and it can transform it. These finishes are the ones that complete the final look of the furniture or accessories! Today, you’ll discover some of the best items that are able to be a part of this trend.


 1. Melrose Dressing TableMatte Black Finishes To Inspire Your Home Décor

This is the magnificent Melrose dressing table, a piece from the luxury brand Boca do Lobo. This piece contains a mahogany base, where the box is made by tempered glass with frontal opening for several drawers. The own structure is built on black lacquered wood, with high gloss varnish, displaying the round mirror on top. This matte black item would place beautifully in your bedroom.


2. Ring Rectangular Mirror

Matte Black Finishes To Inspire Your Home Décor

The Ring Rectangular mirror is the perfect definition of a matte black piece. Presented by Maison Valentina, the wall mirror features a square mirror frame in white lacquered high gloss, with a minimalist line on the outside and another carved handmade on the inside. It would stand beautifully around your bathroom, above the most amazing and luxurious washbasins.


3. Explosion MirrorMatte Black Finishes To Inspire Your Home Décor

The Explosion wall mirror is an unique piece that also belongs to the matte black finishes trend. Luxxu presents a piece that shows a massive attention to detail, built in slim gold plated brass and crystal arms. It also contains a black mirror glass, and this piece would look amazing both in your bathroom, as on your living room.


4. Bronx Mirror

Matte Black Finishes To Inspire Your Home Décor

Also to embellish your amazing home décor, there’s the Bronx wall mirror. From Maison Valentina, this square-shaped piece sits as an iconic piece for your contemporary bathroom. The mirror is fitted on a solid oak or mahogany wood frame, and it’s lacquered into a black matte finish.


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