Three materials and an unusual structure the composition of a different mirror 2

A different wall mirror composed by three materials – The Loop Mirror was created by Estúdio Parrado and it brings together three elements that result in a visually harmonious balance. Concrete, a metal loop, and a mirror form the Loop Mirror: a delicate, refined piece for the wall. The company designs and manufactures contemporary interior products and furniture through the innovation of processes and this was no exception.

A different wall mirror composed by three materials

They turned to digital technologies to eliminate waste. The mold was hard to make as it needed to have three parts that would shape the notch that holds the mirror glass, a wall bracket, and a pin that holds the frame together, all at once.

A different wall mirror composed by three materials

A machined steel strip makes the looped frame with two holes that fit securely around the concrete pin.

A different wall mirror composed by three materials

With no glue screws or trash wastes, the mirror slides into the concrete base and then the frame wraps around the mirror and locks onto the base around the protruding pin. Their idea was to optimize to the maximum its structural system and wipe off anything that could exceed its design.

After the hole structure was solved, the aesthetic question came as a result, giving the mirror its own personality as a different wall mirror.

A different wall mirror composed by three materials

This beautiful and delicate wall mirror is available in white or black, making it the perfect accessory to a minimalist simple home decoration. The company also develops other simplistic designs like deck tables, stools and storing shelves. They received the European Product Design Award and took part among the nominees of the A’design awards & competition, winning in the silver category.

A different wall mirror composed by three materials

This different wall mirror shows peculiar taste as well as a delicate addition to a simple living room or bedroom. The brand decided to create a simple and clean design. The intention was that the piece worked in complement with architecture and interior spaces, having a simple yet glamorous side.

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