Gold mirrors to enrich your life f

Gold mirrors to enrich your life – Never really getting out of style, gold is back on the most trendy furnishings and accessories. And mirrors are no exception. Since gold was first used in interior design, it gained the meaning of extravagance, wealth, and excess. It can be used as either a bright and cheerful or in a clean and traditional way. Be inspired by this must have gold mirrors that will make your house powerful and luxurious.

Gold mirrors to enrich your life 2

The round shape goes perfectly well with the trend in gold furniture. The circular form is commonly found in this mirror inspirations. For example, in Robin mirror by Boca do Lobo the strong visual texture through the use of handmade nails, each one unique in their finishing, size, and character.

Gold mirrors to enrich your life 2

The Blaze mirror by Maison Valentina has concentric circles around its golden polished brass. It also has a LED strip that provides a soft and cosy light for any ambience.


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Making a bold statement, the Mcqueen by Luxxu is a really extravagant mirror. It is composed by a hammered brass with a gold-plated finish and a rhythmic luminosity from Swarovski crystals.


Gold mirrors to enrich your life 2

To guarantee you have the most exclusive style in interior design, the Convex Metamorphosis by Boca do Lobo breaks creative boundaries while incorporating animal elements to its golden brass.

Gold mirrors to enrich your life 2

With inspiration on the historical city of Angra do Heroísmo, Portugal, the Angra Mirror by Boca do Lobo is a seductive and elegant mirror that really takes gold mirrors to the next level. Outstanding in its shape and curved design, this mirror is the closest to the sight of gold in its glamour.

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