Best tips to give personality to your entryway – Having a bold, unusual mirror on your entryway can be a way to leave a good impression on your house guests. Make sure you reflect your luxurious personality with these mirror inspirations for your hallway. You deserve the feeling of exclusiveness allied with comfort when you return home from a long day. So take these tips to make your hallway the first important stop into your home.

Best tips to transform your entryway 1

Sleek minimalist art

Best tips to transform your entryway 1

This kind of mirror makes a slight modern impression. Its sleek lines remind us of a contemporary look on minimalism, without taking away the glamour in its design. This piece from Essential Home entitled Diamond, is the perfect example of this simplicity in the idea that will give your hallway a clean luxury aspect.

Big statement look

numerous slim gold plated brass and crystal arms

Strong attention to mighty and luxury detail can be found in the Explosion Mirror by Luxxu. Orbiting around its centre is numerous slim gold plated brass and crystal arms. It’s a luxurious piece to make an impactful impression.

Vintage take over

Best tips to transform your entryway 1

Travel back in time with this vintage mid-century look. As vintage objects make their comeback in style, these mirrors will give a royalty aspect to your hallway in a very sophisticated way.

Nature elements

Best tips to transform your entryway 1

Sometimes big means simple. Get in touch with nature again by choosing a mirror that incorporates its elements. The best way will be to try some mirrors in your hallway like this piece by Boca do Lobo entitled Belize Mirror that captivates the peaceful freshness of nature.

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