Maison Valentina E-book 100 Wall Mirrors Ideas

Walk-In Closets are the main requirement for a luxurious home, especially if they’re furnished in just the right way. With the trends that are coming throughout the design events, there’s a certainty that the precision with walk-in closets decor is an absolute must. If you think about it any bespoke master bathroom must feature two fundamental spaces: a luxury bathroom design and a unique walk-in closet that reminds your of an incredible art gallery! Stick with Wall Mirrors, and find out some unique mood boards and accessories that would perfectly complement your closet!


This inspirational mood board shows you how to design a memorable walk-in closet project that is all about the mid-century modern style. Bold color tones, rich textures, and mid-century modern furnishings and accessories are the secret recipes to create a fashionable closet design!



A striking addition to your glamorous walk-in closet, the Monocles dressing table has a mid-century feel and is constructed of solid walnut wood and offers three front drawers produced in gold plated brass. This retro table is supported by atomic legs and features a set of 3 bullseye mirrors with a brass rim.




Evoking the earthy colors and shapes of nature, this incredible mood board shows a more neutral vibe to design a relaxed walk-in closet. All of the earthy color tones are enhanced by the metallic details in the bespoke dressing table or unique mirror design.



Symphony by Maison Valentina is a dressing table built on top of a polished brass tube structure. This incredible dressing table features a serpentine front and countertop produced in wood and lacquered in a high gloss black. There are five small drawers on it, perfect to store the most elegant jewels, and a round mirror on the top, accented by a gold trimming.



Colosseum Mirror by Maison Valentina is a rounded oblong mirror design inspired in the most iconic buildings from Ancient Rome, because of its massive size and concentric shape. It features a frame produced in polished brass accented by an LED strip around the whole mirror design.



Last but not least we have an exquisite mood board that is all about the neutral color tones and metallic details combo. The light colors in the single sofa or the terrazzo rug design evoke a sense of tranquility a will transform your walk-in closet in an authentic paradise.

Sinuous by Maison Valentina is a dressing table designed with a modern and glamorous touch perfect for your exquisite walk-in closet or master bathroom set. Produced in wood, it is covered in black high gloss varnish and polished brass, this unique dressing table offers a lot of storage space and a mirror accented by a gold plated rim.