Luxury mirrors are able to transform any room, especially the most amazing bathrooms. Regarding any style of décor, there’s a great selection of pieces that are a real game-changer. It’s not an ordinary piece that is able to change the perspective, but instead a great and bespoke piece, that directly speaks to its setting. Today, Wall Mirrors presents the finest selection of wall mirrors, to inspire your bathroom decor.


Maison Valentina Koi Mirror


This unique Tortoise mirror is inspired by the Tortoises’ hard outer shell. It’s made of high gloss black lacquered wood that contrasts with hexagonal Anthracite, Nero Marquina and Yellow Triano marble details. This glamorous pattern makes this piece easy to combine in different luxurious environments.



The Shield mirror is a round piece made entirely from mirror, polished brass and a Nero Marquina marble bar. Inspired in the most ancient and valuable armor, the Shield of Achilles, we re-designed the Shield Mirror, the meaning of protection and security. Decorative yet practical, you will have a divine mirror just for you.



The Koi Mirror shape resembles a family crest where we can identify two carp scales. This format is inspired by a carp which is a major symbol in Japanese culture. The elegance of this mirror stands out with gold as its major color and adapts to any environment adding a luxury and contemporaneous touch.


Sapphire mirror gets its name from its resemblance to the blue precious stone: Sapphire. Made out of Cornered Polished Brass this mirror is a versatile piece for luxury bathrooms. It can be displayed in both vertical or horizontal orientation.


Glimmer Mirror, as its name states, adds to your project a faint and elegant light. Glimmer Mirror’s subtle lines and crystal details are the results of a precise handcrafted process. A precious piece of art with eight brass details adorned with crystal appointments that elevate any environment. Luxury and glamour are surely granted through the selection of these luxury mirrors.