Maison Valentina Koi Mirror

Holiday mirror decor sounds exciting, doesn’t it?! It’s almost that time of the year where everything and everyone is full of joy and color through this amazing season that is Christmas. Unfortunately, it happens only once a year, but we have to make sure that we make the most of it! Why not let yourself go with the Christmas spirit and transform your home completely? Join Wall Mirrors, and enjoy the ride of discovery for the best selection of mirrors for this unique season!




Christmas is quickly approaching, so you know that the time has come to prepare your home for the most chaotic and jolly season of the year! It’s at home that you reunite with your loved ones, to share the greatest moments in life while enjoying the best home-made food and laughter. With that mindset, there are some elements for you to establish an extra wow factor into your home!


Kayan Round Mirror

The Kayan Round Mirror is one of the perfect additions to your home, to enjoy this holiday season! It is inspired by the Kayan women who are known for using neck rings with the intention of lengthening their necks. It is made of a unique aged brushed brass structure. This decorative mirror will definitely bring a new light into your holiday-decorated home!


In order to be with your family, enjoying the cold outside, while sipping on some hot cocoa, and binge-watching your favorite holiday movies, it is also important to have the most comfortable and beautiful design. Let yourself be inspired by this amazing holiday home decor choices and dare to be bold, and change the concept of your comfy home!


Quantum Mirror

Why not add a touch of a contemporary descendant of mid-century modern style to your holiday decor? With the Quantum Mirror, you don’t need to look any further, the ultimate piece for you to use is right here! With a Gold Plated Brass structure, it is also a spot-on reflection of the atomic age design.


There are many top luxury brands that are able to present these ambiances and choices to make you feel inspired. BRABBU is definitely one of those luxurious and urban contemporary brands, to make you feel right at home. Do not miss the opportunity to create the perfect décor to your house, during this Christmas time!


Cay Rectangle Mirror

To invoke the nature’s inspiration and contribution to the Christmas season, the Cay Rectangle Mirror stands as a perfect reflection for the holidays’ decor concept. Molded by casted brass and flat mirror, this piece embodies nature’s ultimate scream, perfectly combining the urban lifestyle. Enjoy this Holiday Mirror Decor, and let yourself be inspired!