While it is important to give all the research and time into organising every division, today’s article will focus exclusively on bathroom ideas and decor. In a curated selection of sixteen of most glorifying and cutting-edge wall mirrors that will be trending in 2017. Homeowners are bound to find something suitable to their interests.

To begin with, a bathroom serves almost as a sanctuary where one takes care of their body and soul regarding hygiene. So it is of the essence that your bathroom decor accommodates a certain level of cautiousness and aesthetics when it comes to its design. Some may opt for a more functional and pragmatic decor whereas others may find their gloriousness come to fruition in a further more luxurious and glamorous environment.

Within this alluring selection, you will be able to discover some of the most appealing and luxurious bathroom designs including pieces from luxury brands, such as Maison Valentina, Boca do Lobo, Brabbu, DelightFULL, Essential Home and KOKET. These brands are extremely proficient in the art of craftsmanship and conceiving high-quality pieces, their purpose goes beyond the conventional boundaries as they provide the best solutions for a high standard of living, something that must be undoubtedly present in a modern-day bathroom decor. We urge to take a look at this phenomenal selection of wall mirrors for a bathroom design.

This traditionally classic bathroom design is quite complementary in all aspects, from the flooring to the pieces, it was decorated to the detail. It features the mesmerising Kayan mirror by Brabbu which is complemented by the lavish Galliano Wall Light and the superb Crochet washbasin.


Exuding comfort and luxury, this majestic bathroom decor with a view to the outside world features the Ring Rectangular Mirror by Boca do Lobo. Highlighting the mirror is a cluster of classy and glamorous pieces, like the Envy chaise lounge, the Metropolitan washbasin, the Eden Towel Rack and the musically inspired Symphony Bathtub.


In another bathroom set, you can see the same astounding mirror, but now in double. Ring contains a mirror frame in black lacquered high gloss, with a minimalist line on the outside and another carved handmade on the inside.


Appearing overhead two phenomenal Lapiaz freestand, the Apollo mirror inspired by the Greek God of sun and light  This decor also counts with the upholstered Koi stool from Brabbu and the Eden Towel Rack from Maison Valentina.


A simple yet elegant wall mirror design that is complement by a cluster of bathroom furnishings, including the Diamond freestanding and the Lapiaz Bathtub.


The mahogany framed Ring square Mirror, the metropolitan washbasin, and the vintage and elegant Ike pendant lamp give life to this powerful bathroom design.


The Ring rounded mirror by Boca do Lobo is enhanced by the appearance of the Newton bathtub which gives meaning to originality and modernity in a peculiar design.


The combination of the eye-catching Apollo Wall Mirror alongside the Diamond Bathtub and the Charles chandelier are bound to enhance any bathroom decor.

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Embellishing this wonderful setting are the gleaming Guilt mirror in textured metal and the culturally inspired KOI washbasin which combined make the most astounding bathroom decor.


The Eden Freestanding washbasin plays a big factor in portraying the magnificence of the Venice Mirror by Boca do Lobo.


In a contemporary or modern bathroom decor, the exposed small brass details on the burgundy Belize mirror stands not just as a symbol of the variety of life forms, but also as a symbol of elegance, as the texture and colour blend perfectly to give a natural finishing touch.


The Metropolitan washbasin and the Chuck wall light illuminate this rudimentary glass mirror, establishing an elegantly mid-century modern bathroom design.


The lengthened Colosseum Mirror and the Symphony freestanding washbasin blend in perfectly together in this bathroom set.

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Decorate the dressing part of your bathroom suite with a simple and large mirror alongside the mesmerising Mademoiselle armoire and the Nessa chair, both pieces by KOKET.


This bathroom decor represents modern day luxury with the fabulous designs from the Waterfall wall lamp, Eden Towel Rack, Tiffany stool, Newton White Bathtub. In the back, one can also see the Venetian-styled Venice Mirror, an epitome of luxury and glamour.


The modern Belize Mirror made from Bamboo irradiates this astonishing bathroom set that also includes the Contemporary Symphony freestanding washbasin, the extravagant Newton bathtub, and the ostentatious Cyrus wall lamp

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