Nothing is better than combining two of the most glamorous and fulfilling areas of design, lighting and furniture. As a result, in this article, Wall Mirrors will display a selection of 25 inspirations that involve the best types of lighting pieces, from pendant to sconces, that would be just the perfect match to your fabulous Wall Mirror, keep on reading and be inspired to switch things up.


Made in gold plated finish, PHONG Wall Light is a mysterious design piece brought to you from Vietnam’s Phong Nha caves.


The Eternity Sconce by KOKET lights up this sophisticated bar design. Imagine how good it would actually look next to a luxurious wall mirror.


CYRUS wall light was inspired by the freedom and the vast culture of the Persian civilisation. An original furniture piece, made in polished brass that enhances the already astonishing Belize Mirror by Brabbu.

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Next to the large Colosseum mirror, there is the Galliano wall light in black shades that sets a luminous touch to this astounding bathroom set. 


This design portrays the magnificence of the Venice Mirror by Boca do Lobo and the whimsical Brubeck wall light.


Exuding glamour and elegance, the Ike pendant is just the right piece to give brightness to your wall mirror. 


Perhaps, your living room and wall mirror just need one statement lighting piece as the marvellous Norah wall lamp.


This set definitely showcases a style between the 50s and the 60s. Above, from the ceiling, falls the dramatic Brubeck Suspension Light which matches to perfection with two golden Charles Wall Lights.


The Flora sconce by KOKET gives an extra luxurious and radiant flair to the ravishing Rêve Mirror


The contemporary lighting piece VELLUM is the elegance of nature transformed by the man’s hand. Next to this historically-inspired mirror, lays the Iris Mirror which offers the perfect balance of both elegance and strength to any setting.


Tantalizing tones and exquisite patterns in the agate stones are cast onto gold rays of metal giving the Brilliance sconce show-stopping qualities.


Inspired by the 60’s sci-fi aesthetics, Basie wall lamp is a true Italian design classic. It has a minimalistic style with a clear usability. 


The Matheny Sconce has the complex and attractive geometry design of combined tubes. It is both inspiring and elegant with its aluminium body


Be seduced by the golden wall lamp Parker, a stilnovo sconce full of jazz groove. Its sophisticated golden brass tubes will light up the finest settings. 


The Coltrane wall lamp concedes to the irregular shaped yet exuberant Wilde Mirror a lustrous flair of luxury. Up to 3 iron tubes, the Coltrane makes a magical and a smooth lighting effect for architectural environments.


The intricate petals and stems of the Botanica sconce create a whimsical seduction reminiscent of an enchanted fairytale.


Asides, from the dazzling Burlesque console, in this entrance, one can see the Passion sconce which symbolises the link between first love and a flower when it first blooms. 


A delicate and exquisite masterpiece can be found in LUXXU’s Draycott Wall II which displays two luxurious gold tubes.

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The Vivre offers exquisite vintage details with a decidedly modern profile. The dark neutral tones and the exquisite patterns in the agate stones are uniquely captivating.


The Liberty wall light presents sublime lines, yet gives at the same time a complex and rich aspect in details.


The Turner wall lamp lighting from Delightfull and this console from Essential Home on are made for modern Lobby Design Apartments.


The Niku wall lamp will fulfil your modern home decor with exoticism creating a live and bright ambience.


Lighting plays a big role in office decor. Etta XL by DelightFull is an incredibly sophisticated wall lamp that will definitely make your office more elegant and classy.


Piazzolla wall fixture is a pure 60’s stilnovo design. With 2 aluminium cones, this wall lamp was used in Mad Men’s television series due to its dynamic and versatile look.


The Waterfall light makes everything sparkle. This masterpiece made from gold plated brass combined with ribbed fine tubes of crystal glass brings a natural feeling to any space. 

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