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Be prepared to be amazed with a cluster of exciting suggestions on how to decorate your interiors with functional and elegant wall mirrors. One ought to pay a lot of attention when buying a mirror to decorate a room with, there are a great deal of possibilities, you just have to make sure to purchase the one that makes the most sense for your interiors.

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This fragmented mirror is simply amazing to look at exuding glamour and originality. Overall, this is what your living room needs in order to be completed, a decorative piece that isn’t too extravagant but at the same causes the right amount of charm.

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Source: Architecture Art Design

In this bathroom design, you can find a more feminine and vintage looking mirror. Placing a mirror behind the bathtub will offer a lot more space while still looking extremely elegant.

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Source: Decor Pad

Continuing on bathroom territory, an oversized mirror is a great option to put besides your chic washbasin.

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Source: Inviting Home Inspired

A modern and rustic bathroom design that displays a functional and sophisticated mirror.

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Source: Juliettes Interiors

This lengthened Gold Italian Mirror from Juliettes Interiors features a stainless steel frame  of 24 carat gold and a bevelled glass. It is the perfect choice to be the statement piece of your bedroom or entrance.

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Source: Oak Furnitureland

A mirrored wall in gold tones is the prestigious look everyone hopes for. But so as to achieve this, one ought to get an assistant hand from professional.

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koketThe Guilt Mirror by KOKET is made from hammered and textured metal. This shimmering and sculpted piece has the finest tones in order to please the most refined taste.

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Source: Hadley Court

This small mirror in sunburst shape looks amazing above an antique fireplace.

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