A few weeks ago, we displayed the first part of a proficient selection of the TOP 100 Interior Designers made by Boca do Lobo, in a wonderful collaboration with Coveted Magazine. In this article, you will be able to read on its continuity and discover the wonders of designs through the eyes of acclaimed leaders within the industry.


Ramy Fischler

ramyfischler top 100 interior designers
Source: Le Fresnoy

Ramy Fischler creates masterful interiors that combine the touch of traditional with forward-thinking methods in a multi-layered design. He makes sure to always assimilate the history of a certain apartment and put together something originally aesthetic with a timeless style.

Brendan Wong Design

brendanwong top 100 interior designers
Source: Brendan Wong

Creating the most exquisite and homely settings, elegance and functionality are two words that best describe Wong’s phenomenal work. His studio has gained a lot of prestige due to its excellent client service as well as its efficiency in delivering projects.


Ilse-Crawford top 100 interior designers
Source: Yellowtrace | Photography by Leslie Williamson

Ilse Crawford is the founder and creative director of Studio Ilse and with the help of her extraordinary team, they are able to create comfortable and sophisticated spaces. Basically, their main purpose lies on creating homes where people really want to call it home, meaning representing their style, history and personality.

Martin Architects

MARTIN-ARCHITECTS top 100 interior designers

Specialising in high-end residential and commercial projects, Martin Architects has no limits in regards to creating artful designs. The practice often prefers to work in rather tailored environments.

Zooi Studio

ZOOI-STUDIO top 100 interior designers

The Boutique studio of interior design focuses mostly in retail, residential and commercial interior design, following a philosophy of simplicity, in other words, they just enjoy every single thing about design.

Sergey Makhno

Source: Office Snapshots

The modern designer, founder and director of Sergey Makhno architects conceives exceptional collections that involve a wide range of structures, from hotels to restaurants, each space he decorates has a contemporary minimalism, eclecticism and loft styles to it.

Gilles Boissier

top 100 interior designers
Source: Observateur

Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier are partners in both life and design. They have a few oppositions when it comes to design as Gilles adheres to strict lines and fine woods whereas Boissier is more drawn to spatial fluidity, colours and intituitive elegance. In the end, their distinctive approaches make for masterful creations.

Rockwell Group

Source: 2010 01SJ Biennial

Rockwell Group has paved their way for over 30 years with unique designs and ideas. Inspired by a cluster of things, from theatre to technology, each creation comes with a narrative and a strong sense of explore and innovation.

Eric Cohler

ERIC-COHLER top 100 interior designers

Traditional Home Magazine named him the original “Mixmaster” due to his ability to blend classic and contemporary details. He designs livable spaces that are notorious for being luxuriously comfortable. The proficient designer does work in both residential and commercial sectors.

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Abbie de Bunsen

abbie top 100 interior designers
Source: Abbie de Bunsen

Chic and refined interiors is what Abbie de Bunsen knows how to do best. The Enthusiastic and professional designer sparkles up her interiors with luxurious finishes and sometimes she adds outbursts of colour or geometric forms –  “I believe good design can stimulate, comfort and excite the spirit.”

Ken Faulk

Source: DuJour

Not necessarily looking for the latest gadgets and trends, Ken Fulk does a wonderful job in maneuvering throughout the different societal circles of San Francisco, resorting to fabulous designs with a very close approach to technology.

Liza Rachevskaya Interiors

liza top 100 interior designers

Her design studio works exclusively on residential and commercial in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Alongside a group of professional ins various fields, Rachevskaya offers the most astounding projects that combine classic and contemporary elements in quite the elegant fashion.

Steven Volpe

Source: Architectural Digest

Volpe transforms people’s dreams and aspirations in regards to home ideas into reality. By way of meticulous resources and constant research, he creates, with the assistance of artisans and craftsmen, awe-inspiring projects bound to please any tastes.

Anemone Wille Vüge


The Norwegian designer is the leading woman of Wille Interior AS in Oslo. She creates the most ingenious interior designs in private and commercial projects. She plays a lot with contrasting notions, such as light and shade or classic and modern, thus creating a specific universe each time.

Casa do Passadiço


The design trio consisting of Catarina Rosas, Cláudia Soares Pereira and Catarina Soares has been doing marvellous work in interior design since 1992. Their creations are best defined by presently modern, cosmopolitan, comfortable and elegant style.

Amelie Studio

amelie studio top 100 interior designers
Source: Renegade Craft Fair

The Interior design studio has worked on flats and houses in Kiev since 2009. They provide environments with high-quality materials and elements as well as listening to the clients needs and giving out a bit of architectural supervision.

Artwork Design Group


Creating original and excellent interior design projects for multiple ends, such as residential, landscape, graphic design and commercial, the design group has since 2011 made a huge impact in the design and architecture industry.

Mallina Studio

Source: Mallina. Studio

This modern studio is driven by the notion of developing complex projects that are not only exclusive but also original. The studio is also very up to date with the latest tendencies and novelties within the industry.

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India Mahdavi

INDIA_MAHDAVI_WEB top 100 interior designers
Source: Agent of Style

India Mahdavi is renowned for having a diverse range of international endeavours, but mostly due to her sophisticated and fluid interiors. She has done revolutionary work on places of reference, such as the Hotel on Rivington in New York or the Condesa DF in Mexico.

Philippe Starck

philippe starck

The French designer has a successful career in all sorts of artistic backgrounds, from interior and product design to industrial and architectural. His vision is quite spot on as he wants to improve as many lives as possible through resourceful creations.

NLO Design

nlo design
Source: Behance

Seeing no limits or measures in regards to design, NLO designs have no sort of restriction or stereotype, this way they can achieve the best possible outcome possible, however they do always seek for a comfortable setting that fulfills the physical and spiritual needs of their clients.

U-Style Studio

u-style top 100 interior designers
Source: U-Style

Besides designing alluring and original scenes, one of the most important thing for the studio is listening to the clients wishes. As a whole, their designs range from functional minimalism to a high-end luxury.

IHome Studio

IHOME-STUDIO top 100 interior designers

Being in the industry for a long time, the IHome studio creates exceptionally curated and innovative designs, using a wide range of materials and the latest technological advances.

Design Studio Corner

DESIGN-STUDIO-CORNER top 100 interior designers

“There is nothing more beautiful than to give people a sense of comfort and originality of the most valuable that is our personal space.” – this becomes the philosophy of the brand which deals with lots of fields in the design and manufacture industry.



Established in 1993, Oitoemponto is led by Jacques Bec and Artur Miranda. Together they create sublime interiors. To get this result, the dynamic duo examines the clients wants and needs in order to get that perfect look.

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