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In this article, you will be able to find the most luxurious and exceptional exhibitions of wall mirrors that were displayed at Maison et Objet 2017. Be prepared to see glamorous and showstopping products that will simply make the world into a more beautiful and creative place.

bocadolobo-venetoThe timeless Veneto mirror is a traditional masterpiece that creates the illusion of amplitude and reflects refinement and luxury.

bocadolobo-filigreeFiligree Mirror was handcrafted to precision. It becomes a true work of art that showcases Portuguese culture and art.

bocadolobo-robinThe modern Robin mirror was inspired on the legendary character of the same. This luxurious piece displays a unique appearance of handmade nails.

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bocadolobo-venetian-metamorphosisIn this luxurious setting at Maison et Objet, one could be delighted in the elegantly framed Venice Mirror and the indulging Concave Metamorphosis which challenges the notion of conventional beauty.

brabbu-kaamosThe stunningly decorated Kaamos Mirror brought pure light and beauty to the prestigious fair with its modernly classic and vigorous character.

brabbu-kayanThe traditionally designed Kayan Mirror was a product of cultural influence from the Kayan tribe. Made from aged brass, this piece is bound to create an alluring effect.

circu-magicalDebuted at Maison et Objet, the Magical Mirror in shades of blue is a translucent masterpiece which transforms itself into a television.

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essential-diamond maison et objet 2017

The exclusive Diamond Mirror takes the dazzling shape of a diamond rock. Combining design with geometry, this piece shows the essence of mid-century designs.

essential-home maison et objet 2017Inspired on the amazingly talented writer, Oscar Wilde, the Wilde Vanity Mirror composed of three pieces is the mid-century brass piece that your home is needing.

koket-egoist maison et objet 2017

Displaying unseemly Art Deco symmetry, The majestic Egoist mirror is a stylish and luxury piece full of aesthetic purposes.

koket-guiltAt Maison et Objet, visitors could really appreciate the sculptural and shimmering nature of the metallic Guilt Mirror.

koket-mirror maison et objet 2017The opulent Addicta mirror displays the rich shape of the traditional Venetian mirror while exuding glamour in the most unforgettable form.

mv-colosseum maison et objet 2017

Finally, the mammoth Colosseum Mirror features both modern and classic Roman touches, especially on its gleaming golden arches.

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