The purpose of this article is to give a variety of options regarding different types of mirrors and where to place them in your home interiors. Hope you are inspired to renovate your interiors with wonderful wall mirror ideas.


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This manually forged wall mirror by Oliver Luxury Furniture is a true welding work of art and it would look best in a walk-in wardrobe.

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Source: Tarski

Wrought Iron Mirrors are incredibly accessible especially due to its lighter structure. Plus, they will fit perfectly in any setting.

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Dressing mirrors should be placed on a console table to make things easier in the mornings as you will be able to peacefully apply all your cosmetics. You can opt for a larger mirror (above) or a smaller one (below).

Source: CapriCosta

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For the most harmonious living room design opt for the INSPIRE Q Conrad Bevel Mirrored Frame Rectangular Accent Wall Mirror.

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Another way to decorate your living room is by placing an aged silver luxe mirror behind a modern sofa.

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Source: Horchow

The Aldina Golden-Beaded Mirror is an antique mirror bound to give an extra flair to any division, especially if positioned right next to an upholstered bench and a few magazines.

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Displaying an exotic floral frame, the Stella Mirror by Koket is a sight for sore eyes, creating a charming halo to its surroundings and a radiant reflection.

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Nothing says comfortable like a mirror on top of a fireplace.

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Composed of brass and fragmented pieces of glass, the Glance Mirror by Boca do Lobo challenges conventional notions.

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