maison et objet 2017

The Biggest lifestyle and design event in the world is upon us. Yes, Maison et Objet returns this January and it promises to be a massive hit showcasing luxury and efficient designs for everyone’s pleasure. Within the exhibitions, you will be able to see the prestigious brands from Covet House and their innovating wall mirror designs. Take a look at this exclusive and alluring creations.

guilt mirror

The Guilt Mirror by KOKET is a harmoniously cut convex mirror of hammered and textured metal which was shimmered and sculptured with the finest tones in order to please the most glamorous taste.

magical mirror

Providing the most magical moments, this remarkable piece by Circu is bound to transform a princess room into a charming paradise. Although it may appear to be just a mirror but it actually turns into a 22 inches TV that was built from traditional techniques of carving with a silver finish in pink translucent varnish but it is also available in blue.


Brabbu’s Kayan Mirror was named after the Kayan tribe and it was traditionally made from aged brushed brass.

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robin mirror

Inspired by the legendary Robin Hood character, this exquisite piece by Boca do Lobo was given a strong visual texture through the use of handmade nails, each one unique in their finishing, size and character.


Contrasting materials such as matte walnut root veneer with brass and copper leaf, Kaamos by Brabbu gives a touch of strength and class to your home furniture.

FILIGREE-Mirror-Boca-do-Lobo maison et objet 2017

Completely handmade with each brass cord fitted with precision, the Filigree Mirror flourishes in a shape traditional to Portuguese culture and art.

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Blending geometry with design, this ravishing Diamond mirror takes the shape of a diamond rock. The piece becomes even more sophisticated due to the use of gold, evolving into a true revolution of mid-century modern designs.


The lengthened Colosseum Mirror by Maison Valentina displays a combination of modern and classic Roman elements illustrated in the golden arches.


The Vintage Tamara Mirror by KOKET showcases strong geometric lines that are coupled with luxurious and alluring mirror panels.

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