If you enjoy doing things on your own terms and be an independent person when it comes to your home’s interior design, this article is just for you as we are about to disclose 10 Do It Yourself Mirror Ideas. They are accessible yet elegant choices and we can guarantee that won’t be able to resist them!

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This vivacious sunburst mirror looks so glamorous yet its making process is quite straightforward. However, you will need lots of patience and creativity.


A Beautifully curated sunburst mirror completed with kebob skewers which were hot glued to the frame and a Krylon’s silver spray. All you need is motivation and willingness.

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This bold and gigantic mirror displays an original design composed of brass screws, brass hex nuts and wood rulers.

wood-slice-mirror mirror ideas

This round mirror is outlined by plywood slices in various tones, sizes, and patterns. It will a quirky vibe to your bedroom or hallway.


Select a diverse range of framed mirrors in secondhand but without being damaged and install them on your wall with the right measurements. Make sure to place the most biggest one in the centre.



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