The Luxury contemporary furniture brand, Brabbu reflects an intense way of living with an urban lifestyle by telling stories about nature and the world, using refine materials and textures. Today, Wall Mirrors will focus on the brand’s astonishing wall mirror creations and therefore we will be presenting a luxurious selection of phenomenal designs.

Kayan Mirror

kayan-mirror-3-HR brabbu

Traditionally made in aged brushed brass, KAYAN mirror is the perfect complement for creating an alluring home. It was named after a tribe where the women were known for wearing neck rings and brass coils around the neck

kayan mirror 2

Kaamos Mirror

kaamos mirror 1 brabbu

Inspired by the Arctic Circle ambiguity, KAAMOS’s is composed of a matte walnut root veneer which contrasts and intersects with its brass and copper leaf. It gives a touch a strength and class to any ambience.


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Iris Mirror


Inspired not only by the Greek goddess of the rainbow and messenger of Gods, but also the coloured part of the eye, the IRIS mirror controls the perception of light, shapes, and colours.

iris mirror 2 brabbu

It is able to transport us to a unique set of emotions that includes a true contemplation of nature, enhanced due to ebony veneer, details of gold leaf and the gloss beige lacquered, which reminds the wings of the goddess IRIS.

Haiku Mirror

haiku 2

Bamboo is considered to be in traditional Chinese culture as an upright and tenacious element. HAIKU showcases a copper ring of bamboo which brings integrity, elegance and simplicity to modern interiors.


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Belize Mirror


Inspired by on of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world and harmonious settings, the rounded mirror, Belize is filled with vivacity in different colours and shapes.


Displaying a burgundy appearance, this astounding mirror exposes small brass details and is seen as a symbol of elegance, texture, and naturality. It is perfect for a contemporary or modern home decor.

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