Being one of the best interior designers in the world, Francis Sultana also became famous for his stunning furniture designs. Find out more about the incredible journey traveled by the international designer in this exclusive interview made by one of the best luxury design magazines called CovetED!


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This year Francis Sultana inspiring design studio celebrates its tenth anniversary filled with inspirational design projects and amazing furniture designs. “When I set up my own practice 10 years ago, it was a big step to leave the [David Gill] gallery to follow the dream I always had, as I had previously put this aside to help David to establish the gallery.” Based in St James’s incredible design studio is located in the same building as David Gill Gallery, of which Sultana is also the current Artistic Director.


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“The joy of seeing a project completed and a sense of achievement. Perfection, or the pursuit it, is my biggest demon – and perfection does not exist but it is what pushes me to continue.”


Francis Sultana is the go-to interior designer for international collectors, many of whom have major contemporary art and design collections. Moved by his unbounded passion for a bespoke design, Francis Sultana amazing works were inspired by his travel experiences and people that met along the way.


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Loved for his unique ability to merge the residential requirements of a domestic space with often large scale visual art, sculpture, and installation pieces, his design studio is working on projects in the UK and across Europe as well as in China and in the US. Most of his clients are people with a unique creative vision that also to enjoy the journey at this level where we commission and inspire”, explained Francis Sultana.


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“I always collaborate with designers and artists like Mattia Bonetti, Michele Oka Doner as well as luxury design houses such as Puiforcat and Hermes.”

Besides being recognized as one of the best interior designers by several international publications, like Wallpaper’s Top 20 Interior Designers and is listed on House & Garden’s Top 100 and in AD France Top 100 Interior Designers annual list, Francis Sultana was UK designers to be featured in Architectural Digest USA’s annual AD100.


His inspiring interior design projects are regularly featured in magazines all over the world. He was the only British designer invited to join AD Collections in Paris and his work continues to garner him a global and very loyal following.


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“Now that my first book project is completed ahead of its publication [in November with Vendome] I have already started to embark on a project – a play. It’s a dream that I must follow. Then of course there is my cultural and diplomatic path, as Ambassador of Culture for Malta which is still in its infancy but one I am very excited to continue on.”

In 2018 Francis was announced as Ambassador of Culture for Malta, where he sits on the board of MICAS, Malta’s new museum space which opens in 2021. Has for future dreams, Francis Sultana believes that he hasn’t achieved everything that we wanted in his career. For his tenth-anniversary, Francis Sultana will be launching this fall a large format book published by Vendôme. The book will celebrate his career to date, as well as celebrating the designers and artists that have inspired him throughout his life.


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Alongside his multiple international interior design projects, the atelier produces annual collections of bespoke and limited edition furniture and textiles under the Francis Sultana brand.

“From the designer-maker to the designer commissioning his designs to the exemplary craftsmen and women – we are all leading the way!”


From bespoke furniture and lighting designs to unique home accessories, the renowned designer has created key pieces for important historical interiors such as Spencer House. Passionate about craftsmanship techniques from around the UK and Europe, his inspiring work is known for his use of noble materials such as bronze, rock crystal, and straw marquetry and bespoke fabrics.


Image Credit: Francis Sultana

As one of the biggest trendsetters in the interior design and furniture worldFrancis Sultana is unsure about the future of the industry. “I see design pieces that the design is more “3D Animated” that could well become a trend, it reminds me of the influences of Memphis in a parallel way.” However, Sultana wants to believe that the future of the design industry relies on sustainable projects that respect the environment. “Quality lasts, which ultimately means sustainability. In the end, I always wanted to create antiques of the future creating pieces that are timeless and can support our fragile world”, said the interior and furniture designer.


Image Credit: Francis Sultana

Currently, Francis Sultana has just finished one of his most important projects from these 10 years, since it was the first major retail project. “A new luxury jewelry brand’s flagship store in London’s West End, my first major retail project. I am also starting work on a public building in Asia,” he enhanced.


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