Best 2019 Spring Trends On The Perfect Mirrors

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Winter is now behind us and Spring is finally here to cheer you up, so you know it’s time to make some changes, get rid of the old, and in with the new. With a new season, it is also presented new trends and styles so, Wall Mirrors shows you some of the best trends and mirrors to complete this season, in the most luxurious way.


  1. Texture

Best 2019 Spring Trends On The Perfect Mirrors

Reminiscing to a more nature concept style in your home, the best trend to evoke is definitely the texture. Texture has always the power to transform something that is naturally standard, and give it life, craving for your touch, such as this textured mirror. Besides, it can also build the sense of a earth vibe around your home which is perfect for a nature décor.


2. Mid-Century

Best 2019 Spring Trends On The Perfect Mirrors

The Mid-Century style is the most known trend of all time, when it comes to interior design. It’s a trend that comes and goes frequently, but never ceases to amaze interior design lovers, because of its loud personality. With that concept, geometric and rustic mirrors are the most perfect choice to complete your Mid-Century home.


3. Mix and Match

Best 2019 Spring Trends On The Perfect Mirrors

It’s challenging to have the perfect balance between the mix of shapes, colors, and the overlapping of textures, because it’s hard to know when it’s too much, or just the perfect amount of combinations. This is a perfect example, because it’s never too much when you mix the perfect items, such as this mirror that presents itself with a lot of circles, in different sizes.


4. Cloud Mirror

Best 2019 Spring Trends On The Perfect Mirrors

The use of the pastel colors, and specially the pink color is on the top priority for this spring’s trend. Perfect on a neutral tone bedroom, the perfect addition is definitely the Cloud mirror. Brought to you by Circu, this floor mirror is built in wood and brass and based on Pixar’s short film – Partly Cloudy.


5. Explosion Mirror

Best 2019 Spring Trends On The Perfect Mirrors

Nothings screams louder in the spring than the sun shining throughout your day, so it’s of major importance to give your home the same feeling. Now you can place a resemblance of a sun in your living room, with the Explosion mirror. This Luxxu’s wall mirror is built in numerous slim gold plated brass and crystal, around a smoked black mirror glass.


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