5 London Based Designers And Their Mirror Displays

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Interior designers must be celebrated for their astounding work, at a spectrum of projects, that were transformed into absolute masterpieces. Today, Wall Mirrors walks you through some of the best projects including fabulous mirrors, brought to you by amazing London based interior designers.


  1. Kelly Hoppen

5 London Based Designers And Their Mirror Displays

Kelly Hoppen stands out through her amazing projects, either being a commercial or a private project. In this project, Kelly Hoppen composes a beautiful and luxurious bedroom, with gold accents, and finalizing with an ostentatious and antique looking wall mirror, that accentuates its power throughout the room.


2. Tom Dixon

5 London Based Designers And Their Mirror Displays

Tom Dixon unveils incredible projects throughout his professional journey, that are defined through its incredible combinations. In this project, Tom Dixon chose to give more life to these washbasins, completing it with two equal large mirrors, that shows a total different perspective to this bathroom.


3. Zaha Hadid Architects

5 London Based Designers And Their Mirror Displays

Zaha Hadid is a worldwide phenomenon when it comes to interior design because her minimalist, yet luxurious concept is very well known in this industry. In the conception of this project, Zaha Hadid went on a black and white bathroom, including marble which suggests the exclusivity, and a large mirror that perfectly combines the washbasins.


4. David Collins

5 London Based Designers And Their Mirror Displays

David Collins established a full luxurious interior design within this project, concentrating gold accents, the use of velvet on furniture, marble, and colored elements which stand out on certain parts of the room. Above the marble fireplace, to bring attention to the center of the room, David Collins chose a round mirror, with gold details that resemble the element of the sun.


5. David Chipperfield

5 London Based Designers And Their Mirror Displays

This is a classical project, brought to you by David Chipperfield, that concentrates on neutral tones, with a touch of color, along with gold details that suggest the luxurious concept around it. The mirror display in the room, matches perfectly with the adorned walls, that also sit on gold and geometric details, but yet, the mirror demonstrates a classical and ostentatious style.


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