Founded in 2010, Färg & Blanche is a design studio based in Stockholm, managed by Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche. In their studio, the duo has a very experimental approach towards design while usually adding a playful and tailored style to their pieces. Our focus today will lie on the brand’s wondrous design of succession mirrors, a brilliant series of mirrors dressed in leather and fabric, that as the name indicates are a succession from a previous collection of the same nature.

Source: Dvision 21

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Source: Homedit

As previously said, the Succession Mirrors are a new development of the brand’s succession collection which includes a wide variety of pieces, from stools to cupboards, to tables and ceramics.

Succession-Accent-Black-Mirrors FÄRG & BLANCHE
Source: Homedit

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succession-mirrors-Farg-Blanche-design_dezeen_936_2 FÄRG & BLANCHE
Source: Dezeen

This ingenious series of mirrors – including three on the wall and one on the floor – are camouflaged in leather and textile. The base also contains the same elements, however, before being baked, ropes were tied around it providing refinement and a lively persona to this mirror.

succession-mirrors-farg-blanche-design_dezeen_1568_1 FÄRG & BLANCHE
Source: Dezeen

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Text Source: Färg & Blanche