Owned by the award-winning chef Adrian Quetglas, the wine and fine food sanctuary Grand Cru located in the centre of Moscow displays an advance contemporary level of interior decor providing astonishing home furnishings ideas with special attention to wall mirrors and chairs. An excellent source of Mediterranean culture that is considered to be “the nectar of the gods”


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Schermata-2017-02-23-alle-13.24.37 grand cru

The interiors are very much characterised by a contemporary presence, featuring various compositions of elegant and rounded wall mirrors in different sizes. Each one has an extremely curated frame in order to create a unique atmosphere and design.

Schermata-2017-02-23-alle-13.25.01 grand cru

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There are glass and wood display bottles from all the corners of the world so as to show the finest wines Grand Cru has to offer.


Lastly, Alma Design was responsible for the design of the Lips chairs, the beautiful pieces that embellish this go-to attraction. The shell of the chairs are in colbat blue whereas the velvet used is tremendously soft. The tables are very complementary to the general setting, especially in contrast to the quality of the wine.

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Source: Interni Magazine