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Antonio Lupi has launched his newest mirror collection, the Spicchio mirror collection. These pieces represent unique modern design pieces that bring elegance and dynamism to any bathroom project. Join Wall Mirrors and find out everything about this collection from Antonio Lupi that stands as amazingly eccentric and innovative.


Recently, Antonio Lupi has presented one of their latest inspirational designs called the  Spicchio mirror collection, with unique modern design pieces that bring elegance and dynamism to any bathroom project. As you know, Antonio Lupi, one of the leading brands in the luxury bathroom world, became famous for creating unique bathroom furnishings from the best high-quality materials.


Antonio Lupi is 100% Made in Italy and features incredible single-brand design showrooms in 52 countries. Being one of the most popular luxury bathroom design brands, their philosophy is all about research,  innovation, and style. Also known as Spicchio mirror collection, these inspiring modern designs bring elegance and dynamism to the incredible bathroom space.


Antonio Lupi’s incredible mirror collection is a project that combines excellence in the subject, advanced processing technologies, creativity, and references to the world of fashion. As one of the luxury brand’s most dynamic elements, these modern mirrors is as functional as it is beautiful since has the ability to install multiple perspectives, expand the space and enhance the bespoke bathroom vanities of the overall look.


Spicchio mirror collection by Antonio Lupi is a pure, essential and rigorous geometrical element that is able to fit into different style contexts. Available in different sices, these modern mirror designs create a unique perspective of effects, on the dialogue with the elements and volumes that make up a bathroom design to act as a trendy backdrop for the daily routines.


Although this incredible mirror collection by Antonio Lupi is all about the wall pieces, there is a version that can also be adapted to a floor mirror. It can be installed individually or coupled in two or more elements, and with or without lighting designs. With Spicchio collection from Antonio Lupi, you can create unique scenarios for your bathroom project, in which mand and his look become the protagonists together with the elements that define the space.