Maison Valentina Koi Mirror



Closet design is the most exciting part of establishing a room to decor because it mixes the concept of functionality and luxury. With that mindset, we followed the tips of one of the most prestigious closet experts in the world, designer Lisa Adams. In collaboration with Elle Decor, she unveiled some tips that are a game-changer to closet design. Wall Mirrors invites you on this journey, and to apply these exceptional tips to your closet and wall mirror arrangements.


#1 Maximize The Space Of Your Design Project

Even if you live in a small space, there’s still room to infuse a touch of luxury into your closet. Full-length mirror designs are a nice way to maximize the space in your walk-in closet design.  “Maximize the height when you don’t have the luxury of a full room,” Adams advises. Make sure you go with one that is functional and unique, like BRABBU’s KUMI I mirror.



#2 Include A Runway Area To See Your Looks

Lisa Adams always tries to incorporate in her closet design projects a little space to try the daily outfits, almost like a private runway! “Celebrities have glam squads, so having a dedicated glam or staging area, where stylists can come in and show various looks with shoes and accessories is the one thing they are asking for a lot now.” To achieve the ultimate glamorous look, nothing is better than the CAY rectangle mirror from BRABBU.


#3 Give Away Your Unnecessary Items

Stepping into your closet and getting dressed shouldn’t be a stressful affair, so make sure you only keep your closet design filled with your necessities. “You don’t need 10 sweaters that are falling over or hanging so stuffed that you can’t put anything back,” Adams says. Make sure you also make room for some incredible furniture designs, such as this amazing Symphony dressing table from Maison Valentina, that would be perfect for your closet.


#4 Add A Bespoke Seating Piece

“It wasn’t a place to hang out and relax in, but now seating makes it feel like a legitimate room and makes the whole dressing experience feel so much better”, explained Lisa Adams. Adding a unique accessory piece, like the Venice mirror from Boca do Lobo, which stands as an amazing statement piece.


#5 Upgrade The Luxury Design With High-Tech Solutions

“Try smart home lighting that allows you to hook everything up with your phone,” Adams advises. But remember to complement your high-tech solution, you must also choose the right lighting fixtures for your closet design. The Majestic XL wall mirror piece from LUXXU perfectly incorporates the concept of high-quality lighting and design.