The legendary Spanish brand, Lladró is regarded as the best leading manufacturer and distruber of porcelain art designs. The work of the renowned brand is an exceptional combination of skill, audacity and meticulousness, and the following decorative mirrors reflect this notions of excellence. “Lladró is a story of passion for porcelain”!


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This stunning limited edition oval wall mirror features a multicolored character and was designed by Diseño y Ornamentación, as it’s the case for most of the highly curated mirrors in this article.




Oval mirror with black frame. This stunning mirror is currently being featured in Lladró’s newest showroom in Milan, which also has numerous pieces from Portuguese luxury furniture brand, Boca do Lobo.



This Eight sided mirror is the other extraordinary porcelain design that is also highlighted at the unique showroom.



Arabesque Eight Sided Wall Mirror in tones of dark green and with geometrically crafted adornments.


Discover Lladró's Most Impressive Porcelain Decorative Mirrors-4 decorative mirrors decorative mirrors


This original convex Parrot Shine wall mirror features two stunning porcelain figures within the external part of its design. It was created by Eva Maria Cuerva.


Discover Lladró's Most Impressive Porcelain Decorative Mirrors-5


Discover Lladró's Most Impressive Porcelain Decorative Mirrors-6



Both of this mirrors feature a combination of golden lustre and white as well as incredibly made porcelain elements that represent the essence of Lladró and their care for detail and precision.

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