Interiorising your home with Gilded Mirrors is an excellent example choice if you are looking for an instant luxury decor. In this selection, you will find a cluster of glamorous pieces that are bound to make a statement, not only for their creative nature but also for their aesthetic value. Let’s take a look at some room sets with gilded mirrors.

gilded mirrors 1

Sunburst mirrors are forever and for always good options as these vintage pieces automatically enhance your living room or hallway decor as you can see with an astounding rounded mirror that essentially has vivaciousness than the sun.

gilded mirror 3

Following up the former statement, the first gilded mirror is fashionably decorated in a simple room decor whereas the second medium rounded one is also smooth yet elegant.

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gilded mirrors 5

If you are looking for a statement piece for your living room, a mirror of this dimension is just what you need. Out of curiosity, this mirror was actually recovered from an antique château.

gilded mirrors 6

This one can easily be a part of the Do It Yourself initiative, all you got to do is invest in a vintage gilded mirror and decorate the space with small yet sophisticated accessories.

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This squared frame wall mirror is from Berkshire Home and it would be a fabulous addition to your home decor.


For a glamorous look, try hanging a thin and refined gilded mirror in between artworks. Your dining room will never look so good.


In supplement to thin mirrors, one can decorate their home with a baroque-styled mirror placed on a smaller wall or decide to go with a regency styled bamboo gilded mirror in an octagonal shape, it will doubtlessly give a special touch to your space.

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Source: Elle Decor