Maison et Objet and More is comprised of a series of inspirational features, opening up a realm opportunities for industry professionals and even design lovers, it truly is an endless source of inspiration. Now, our blog will explore 15 of the most striking wall mirrors one can find on this useful platform.

15 Striking Wall Mirrors You Can Find at Maison et Objet and More 10

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Addicta Mirror by KOKET

Inspired by the richness of traditional Venetian mirrors, the Addicta mirror makes an opulent statement. Its subversive glamour is unforgettable and addictive.

Diamond Mirror by Essential Home

Inspired by the asymmetrical and dazzling shapes of a Diamond rock, this five-sided polygon mirror is the ultimate combination of geometry and design.

Vento Mirror by Fomichov brothers for +Object

This round Mirror will definitely enrich even the dullest interior. It turns into a  self-sufficing art object with impressive dimensions and unexceptionable gloss of the glass.

Aviemore Mirror by Clock House Furniture

15 Striking Wall Mirrors You Can Find at Maison et Objet and More 4

The Aviemore Mirror is one of the brands’ most adaptable design and its ash frame can be stained any colour.

Venice Mirror by Boca do Lobo

15 Striking Wall Mirrors You Can Find at Maison et Objet and More-17

A passionate explosion of romance, drama and emotion is transcended through this magnificent Venetian mirror.

Half Moon by Borzalino

This elegant mirror is comprised of a series treated metal mirrors with several finishes, having also a part coverable with each article of leather or fabric in Bozarlino’s collection.

Miroir Lucarne Vénitienne by Mis en Demeure

Empire Mirror by LUXXU

Empire mirror’s powerful lines are the result of an extraordinary precision of handmade techniques. Adequate to transform any space into a luxurious atmosphere.

Golden Sun Convex Mirror by EMDE

Miroir Ecorce by Cinabre Gallery

Blaze Mirror by Maison Valentina

It is entirely made from polished brass and designed with concentric circles. It is accented by engraved nailhead trims along the body and a LED strip that provides a soft and cosy light for any ambience.

Mirror Baroque Octo by Signature

Haiku Mirror by BRABBU

15 Striking Wall Mirrors You Can Find at Maison et Objet and More 12

This copper ring of bamboo is the perfect complement to put above a sideboard and bring with it integrity, elegance and simplicity.

Quenettes Mirror by Anne Mucci

Lily Mirror by R & Y AUGOUSTI

Designed by Ria et Yiouri Augousti, the Lily mirror was created in shagreen and pen shell and is available in medium and large sizes.

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