Today, Wall Mirrors will bring you a compilation of summer decor trends 2017 that are bound to brighten and freshen your interiors during this scorching season. You will be able to discover a series of wall mirror designs from top luxury brands.

Marble and glass are two materials that are quite trendy over the summer. As a matter of fact, they are dominant materials in the industry. The Venice Mirror by Boca do Lobo stirs emotion in anyone that catches its eye.

Unveiling the Very Best Summer Decor Trends 2017 5

A space with less artificial light will allow your interiors to become fresher. In addition, opt for a mirror like Iris by Brabbu which was inspired by the Goddess of the rainbow. It enhances any piece that surrounds it through the ebony veneer, gold leaf and gloss beige lacquered details.

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It is quite important to go for pieces that are inspired by the wonders of nature. The exposed small brass details on the burgundy round mirror stand not just as a symbol of the variety of life forms, but also as a symbol of elegance, as the texture and color blend perfectly to give a natural finishing touch. BELIZE is the round mirror for a contemporary or modern home decor that attends to reflect nature in one of its most elegant ways.

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Oversized mirrors are great for the summer because they give depth and dimension to a space.

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Using wood as the main material and adding the natural element that only plants can bring is a great combination. To spruce up things, opt for a mirror like the Diamond Big by Essential Home where glass and gold blend perfectly together.

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In this set, we have a nice mix of fresh colours that will add style to your home. Pieces included in this space are the Lemprica Mirror by Koket, the Romero Armchair by Brabbu, the Coltrane Floor Lamp by DeightFULL and the Jacobsen side table by Essential Home.

Unveiling the Very Best Summer Decor Trends 2017 10

If you a larger space, don’t overflow it with a lot of pieces, balanced them in between. Selected artistic and highly curated designs, like the Filigree Mirror by Boca do Lobo to bring freshness and glamour into your interiors.

Unveiling the Very Best Summer Decor Trends 2017 11

Balance playful twists with contemporary furniture to freshen up your interiors. The Monochrome console and the Louis XVI mirror are great options.

Unveiling the Very Best Summer Decor Trends 2017 12

Turn your home into a more exotic sanctuary with pieces like the Kayan Mirror by Brabbu and the Craig console by Essential Home.

Unveiling the Very Best Summer Decor Trends 2017 4

In the Summer, bathrooms should have a fresh and bright touch to them, just like the master bathroom suite above depicted that features sophisticated designs from Maison Valentina and Boca do Lobo, including the Symphony bathtub, the Metropolitan washbasin, and the Ring Rectangular mirror.

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