5 Perfect Mirrors To Transform Your Bathroom
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Bathrooms have the most astonishing potential to be absolutely majestic, if combined with the perfect décor. Despite the major elements such as bathtubs or washbasins, there are accessories that can embellish a bathroom, in a way to make it completely different. Wall Mirrors presents you 5 out of the perfect ideas, brought to you by Maison Valentina, for you to transform your bathroom.


  1. Guilt Mirror

5 Perfect Mirrors To Transform Your Bathroom

The Guilt wall mirror is an unbelievable piece of art, for you to add to your bathroom. Perfect resembling of the sun, this luxurious item is sculptured with gold tones of hammered and textured metal, with hard edge surround a perfectly cut convex mirror.


2. Majestic Mirror

5 Perfect Mirrors To Transform Your Bathroom

As the name so perfectly suggests, this is the Majestic wall mirror. With an incredible luxury statement, this wall mirror assumes the shape of a golden plated brass circle, along with crystal glass cylinders, strategically composed around the mirror.

3. Apollo Mirror

5 Perfect Mirrors To Transform Your Bathroom

Eccentric and full of personality, that’s what’s evoking from this luxurious and out-of-the-box Apollo wall mirror. Inspired on the olympian God, Apollo, this mirror has a surprising shape and setting, that broads every bathroom space. Completed with ornate carvings, this frame extends to additional mirrors, it’s coated in purely soft gold leaf and it’s made from solid oak wook or mahogany.

4. Glance Mirror

5 Perfect Mirrors To Transform Your Bathroom

This exquisite wall mirror goes by the name of Glance. It’s a sophisticated wall mirror that brings an amazing potential to transform your bathroom. This unique and defragmented mirror brings something new when it comes to mirrors, with a cromio lacquered wood, hand cutted mirror. Created in mahogany, the mirror has a high gloss varnish.


5. Angra Mirror

5 Perfect Mirrors To Transform Your Bathroom

This Angra wall mirror, has a beautiful meaning behind its creation, because it was inspired on the city of Angra do Heroísmo, in Azores island, Portugal. Its shape is definitely the element that stands out on this item, with a polished brass and curved design.


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