Designed for the German-based brand, Pulpo, the enriching Miro mirrors developed by Meike Harde gain a duality in terms of functionality. Not only do they fit the conventional decorative purpose that mirrors are so well-known for but it also can serve as a hanger for coats or jewellery. These patterned mirrors were first premiered at IMM Cologne 2017.

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These functional mirrors were first premiered at prestigious furniture fair IMM Cologne, last February. Entitled Miro mirrors, it comes in two flat-packed designs, one large free-standing and another smaller version. Even though they appear to be flat, they do have a three-dimensional rectangular frame.

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In addition, this series of mirrors also display a marble surface. Due to near-invisible fixtures, the mirrors almost seems like they are balancing.

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“I was thinking about suitable shapes which would show this very decorative, very organic pattern. It’s the reason I decided to work with a minimal frame. It’s just a steel frame, and you can assemble it yourself. It’s flat-packed — this is also a key idea of the project that you can shape it easily.” – Meike Harde

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The larger mirror creates a sense of a room inside another room, as it was explained by Harde. It can also act as a wardrobe of sorts as one can use it to dress. This design sits on a wall-mounted steel frame and can it can be moved at any angle as the person pleases.

meike harde 6

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Source: Dezeen