Glass-maker brand, Lalique has known its way around luxury and sophistication for quite a long time. The ultimate symbol of French Luxury has an exceptional collection of wall mirrors that will leave you stunned and wanting for more.

Tianlong Mirror


This tantalizing crystal mirror displays a clear structure of black lacquered and inox golden satin steel.

Merles et Raisins mirror


In addition to its chrome finish, Merles et Raisins would look amazing in the greatest hotels and restaurants

Raisins Mirror


A translucent black mirror with a clear crystal cut.

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Petites Bulles mirror

petites-bulles-mirror lalique

Lalique’s Petites bullets is a lengthened rectangular wall mirror that invigorates even the smallest crystal details.

Masque de Femme Mirror


Adding a more feminine touch to any setting it is placed, this elegant wall mirror is the luxurious piece your interiors need.

Roses Mirror


Characterised for an enticing blue eucalyptus frame, this crystallizing mirror can be place in any contemporary set, just imagine having this beauty on your hallway or living room.

Océania Mirror


This highly ornamented Océania mirror was cut from crystal clear thus becoming a majestic and opulent masterpiece.

Les Causeuses Mirror


A medium size mirror that exudes charisma and delicacy through an intriguing pattern of three bare women in each side, finished in chrome.

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Source: Lalique