If you are looking to remodel your interiors or you are doing an interior design project, here you can find a few suggestions of which types of wall mirrors would look amazing as the statement piece of the room.


The Rêve Mirror will be the centre of attentions in any setting, becoming the perfect match with any piece that is next to it. In addition, this poetic design has the power to create measuring illusions.


The Led Backlit Illuminated Mirror almost seems to be floating due to its thin appearance. It would look at its best in a bathroom.

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The Seletti Focalize Convex Mirror was designed by Selab and Alessandro Zambelli and if put next to artwork or even more mirrors it will immediately enhance the whole decor.


The Stained Oak Mirror is a limited edition piece that would complement a modern bedroom. Its shape takes resemblance to a movie set.

recycled wall mirrors

This colourful mirror in recycled magazines is a fun way to cheer up your interiors. This square mirror was actually handmade.

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Source: John Lewis

This minimalist mirror is best described by its elegance and simplicity. No matter in what division it is placed, this hanging round mirror is bound to provide natural lighting.

original_hexagon-mirror-shelves wall mirrors

The Hexagon Mirror Shelves is a practical and functional piece with its own style. It does not serve only as a mirror but also as a bookshelf or even an object holder.

647ddad2b27f9fa2c508cf84e6bd9d3c wall mirrors

Designed by Amara, the Valentina Silver Mirror display a baroque style in its rectangular carved wooden frame.

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