Renowned for its charming essence, luxury brand, Memoir has an astounding collection of wall mirrors that exude radiance, vanity and splendour. Get to know a little bit more about these marvellous creations by the Portuguese Brand.


Being a part of a metamorphic collection, the astounding Vanity Mirror faces five different leaf-shaped mirrors optimising a space’s sense of reflection with a divine and sublime touch.


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This drop dead gorgeous furnishing piece factors in a sense of illusion. The Splendor Mirror’s composition was inspired by geometric patterns as well as animal shapes conceding a rather timeless character. Basically, octagonal forms blend in with two layers of aged mirror cut and bevelled manually.




Exalting the sophistication and the essence of femininity, the Radiance mirror displays a curvilinear design in an elegant and graceful design that reflects the women of our time. It is also available in copper and silver.

Radiance Copper Mirror

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Radiance Silver Mirror

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Source: Memoir