Taking on a different approach than usual, our blog decided to speak about the enthralling freestanding Mudu Mirror by Heima. Even though, it cannot by any means be considered a wall mirror, this beauty needs to be discussed and celebrated.

With a sculptural outline that can be seen from any and every direction, the Mudu Mirror is a work of art created by Lithuanian design studio, Heima. This phenomenal freestanding project was exclusively conceived for design brand, and the main purpose of its design was to deflect the idea of mirrors as flat objects.


The peculiarity about Mudu Mirror is that if seen from the front, one assumes is just a regular oval-shaped mirror, however, as soon as it seen from the side, a tapered back made from Corian is instantly disclosed. Supported by wooden pegs, this mesmerising pieces displays a painted steel framework.

mudu mirror 3

“We approached it as a piece of furniture rather than a house accessory, Therefore it naturally became a freestanding volumetric object. The volume that was given to the mirror is almost 100 per cent unnecessary from the point of view of function, and that’s what we like most about it.” – Heima

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mudu mirror

The mirror’s appearance was obtained through the usage of CNC technology, and at the same time, the material used for the back was heated until it reached a flexible state and then properly placed with a vacuum press.


In the end, the studio’s main goal was to create a remarkable piece that could be “observed from all sides” as well as having a non-specific disposition so it could be a perfect fit in any type of interior space.

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Source: Dezeen