The Campana Brothers are renowned for creating majestic design pieces. As a result, today’s article will be about an astonishing series of wall and pendant mirror designs dubbed as the Sushi Mirror that belong to the brand’s Ocean collection. This series of mirrors is a wonderful showing of contemporary art that was presented at the Carpenters Workshops Gallery in 2013, and it has been a success since then.

campana-brothers 1

The frame of each mirror is made from felt, rubber carpet and EVA in different shades of green, blue and white, conceding a sort of liquid look to the overall design. Asides from mirrors, the Sushi series is also composed of a cabinet and a buffet, each with its own set of expressions.


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“So we’re re-visiting our start now using new materials and benefiting from the maturity of our work … We wanted to create an art installation where mirrors connect with other realities and become synonyms of other dimensions,” affirmed Fernando Campana. 


The design went on to say that “in addition to the wall mirrors, we created pendant mirrors because when you put them in a room they twist and turn, absorbing the space and reflecting what is around them.”


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sushi mirror

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Source: Designboom