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Admire the most antique and luxurious Venetian Mirrors in this appreciation article. These vintage pieces are the cream of the crop when it comes to wall mirrors, they are requested by many due to their enriching and exuberant nature. Bound to improve any setting, Venetian mirrors are the true face of antique luxury. Take a look at our carefully selected favourites.


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Source: Luxe.

This Foyer design meshes classic elements with modern ones, having the astounding venetian mirror as its most valuable piece.

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This amazing bathroom design was created by Anita Kaushal and displays a magnificent Waterworks Candide Tub, a Venetian mirror and a crystal chandelier.


Designed in hand-carved glass, the Opulent Addicta mirror by KOKET radiates subversive glamour.

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Source: Indeed Decor

Characterised for its depth and aesthetics, Venetian Mirrors give a whole different look to room, it becomes an epitome of glamour.

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The elegance behind Venice Mirror is indescribable, showcasing a dramatic yet romantic style, this piece from Boca do Lobo is a true glasswork masterpiece.

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