Be Amazed By Petunia, The Upgraded Makeup Mirror

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Amiro is a technological company that has come up with a brilliant idea of transforming and upgrading the average makeup mirror, and created one that will completely change your life. Today, Wall Mirrors shows you its unbelievable features.


Throughout the years, technology has been impressing us constantly, at every level. There are many things that we thought would never be possible, but today we stand here, surrounded by the amazing results that technology has brought us, and also more carefree because there’s a lot that technology can do to help us, in massive ways, such as this makeup mirror.


On that note, which almost is a common society thought, the technological company – Amiro – created the Petunia table mirror. Absorbing the LED technology used today to illuminate the screens of our smartphones, they applied it on a makeup mirror, to upgrade its functions in every way possible.


Be Amazed By Petunia, The Upgraded Makeup Mirror

The usage for the traditional makeup mirror is all about establishing a perfection concept, along with the most precision. On that mindset, the Petunia mirror lets you in on a skin tone preview, with artificial sunlight, giving you the perfect reflection that is adequate to the landscape that’s outside, before leaving your home.


Be Amazed By Petunia, The Upgraded Makeup Mirror

The Petunia makeup mirror is built in with 100,000 perforated dots, also with four LED bead panels that are located throughout the mirror’s design, and it has the capacity of a brightness spectrum of night mode, to the zoomed inspection mode. It has a round base, where it stores the internal battery, that can last up to 2 weeks until its charge.

Be Amazed By Petunia, The Upgraded Makeup Mirror

This Petunia Mirror is invested by the famous Xiaomi company, and it was originally designated to establish itself on the Chinese market. Right now, this makeup mirror, it’s selling on Amazon, and you have the opportunity to choose from two colors.


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