Founded in 2013 and managed by the Smith Family, Rayne Mirrors is a successful manufacturing company that offers the best design solutions when it comes to American Made wall mirrors. In this article, we will display 7 of the most enticing pieces from this majestic brand.

“Our goal is simple. We want to provide high-quality, designer wall mirrors and decor that is decorative, stylish, and purposeful. Our frames are best in class across all levels of decor style because we diligently search for the perfect molding to give our customers the perfect accent piece or even focal point for their wall decor.”

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Modern Rectangle Wood Wall Mirror

Spectacular Wall Mirror Designs by Rayne Mirrors 1

This rectangular wooden mirror is the perfect piece to place above an entryway console or in a powder room as it adds a sense of glamour and elegance.

Rayne Gray Barnwood Wall Mirror

Spectacular Wall Mirror Designs by Rayne Mirrors 2

Finished in dark mahogany, the Gray Barnwood wall mirror showcases curved details that enhance its contemporary style wooden frame.

Rayne French Victorian White Double Vanity Wall Mirror

7 Spectacular Wall Mirror Designs by Rayne Mirrors 5

This distressed ivory French Victorian-styled mirror will add a romantic reflection. The majestic white finished and the carved detailing replicate the essence of the Victorian era.

Rayne Rustic Seaside Wall Mirror

Spectacular Wall Mirror Designs by Rayne Mirrors 3

This stunningly rustic wall mirror will bring shabby elegance into your interiors. Its exceptional frame highlights a weathered white wash finish and a dark rivet trim creating a charming aura around it.

Rayne Lustrous Champagne Square Mirror

spectacular wall mirror designs by rayne mirrors

This elegant mirror features stunning metallic tones and lustrous mouldings that offer a modern yet classic touch.

Rayne Roman Copper Bronze Wall Mirror

Spectacular Wall Mirror Designs by Rayne Mirrors 4

The frame of this Roman Copper wall mirrors features an alluring cracked bronze finish. The combination of an extraordinary beading pattern and intricate details of copper tones will add a touch of majesty to any interior space.

Rayne Royal Curve Square Wall Mirror Set

spetacular wall mirror designs by rayne mirrors

This series of curve squared wall mirrors evoke a royal personality and elegance. This piece is bound to make a statement in any division due to its aesthetical appearance.

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Source: Rayne Mirrors