Full Length Mirrors And Their Best Displays

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Full length mirrors are accessories that evoke a massive statement in your home décor. There are amazing pieces, either floor or wall mirrors, that are able to transform any room throughout your luxury house. Today, Wall Mirrors shows you some of the most impressive pieces that could embellish the home style.


Full Length Mirrors

Full Length Mirrors And Their Best Displays

Full length mirrors are an imperative accessory that it’s able to transform the vibe around your room. Luckily it exists a large spectrum of mirrors that you can choose from, and that improve your home décor. In this example, you can enjoy a piece wild gold accents and incredible details, that establishes a luxurious concept.


Full Length Mirrors And Their Best Displays

You can also prefer another type of full length mirrors, such as this minimalistic piece. It doesn’t contain a special feature, but is gives an exquisite touch around your home. These kinds of mirrors are perfect to be displayed on an all-white furniture bedroom, or even around your living room, to give a broader view of your space.


 1. Colosseum MirrorFull Length Mirrors And Their Best Displays

From Maison Valentina, your home décor can improve in a massive way through this Colosseum wall mirror. Besides its amazing and ostentatious appearance, this is one of full length mirrors that has a rounded oblong mirror that features a frame produced in polished brass. It also contains an innovative LED strip around the whole body.


2. Kumi Mirror

Full Length Mirrors And Their Best Displays

Full length mirrors have a massive presence around the room, so you know that this Kumi wall mirror won’t disappoint your home décor. Inspired by Japan’s culture, Maison Valentina brings you an original wall mirror that features a smoked mirror with a glossy hammered aged brass.


3. Louis XVI Mirror

Full Length Mirrors And Their Best Displays

This Louis XVI wall mirror demonstrates accurately the definition of the ostentatious and luxurious lifestyle. Boca do Lobo created this piece inspired by the famous French monarch, Louis XVI. It is influenced by the Rococo style, featuring hand carved lines and traditional traits, which are the perfect characteristics for the full length mirrors.


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