Following the prestigious AD100 List of 2017, which was unveiled by Architectural Digest, today’s article will bring you the most celebrated interior designers in France and their glamorous Parisian interiors.

François Catroux

French Interior Designers 8

Glamour and elegance are the best words to define the french style of François Catroux interiors. Among his clients are Greece Royalty and fashion icon, Diane von Furstenberg.

French Interior Designers 10

Tino Zervudachi & Associés

French Interior Designers 12

The luxury homes of Mlinaric, Henry & Zervudachi team have a very well-known deluxe eclectic signature style spanning modernity and bohemianism with the greatest of ease.

French Interior Designers 13

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Agence Charles Zana

French Interior Designers 2

Charles Zana is the leading french interior designer of this studio known by its contemporary classicism style, with curated interiors, yet warm and functional.

french interior designers 16

Pierre Yovanovitch Architecture d’Intérieur

French Interior Designers 7

The Paris-based designer loves to mix modern and vintage details. Extreme luxury tempered by a restrained sensitivity with a refined sense of architectural scale.

French Interior Designers 11

Jean-Louis Deniot

French Interior Designers 15

Grand interiors that are stately but cool and sexy. Recognized worldwide for his eclectic and emblematic interiors, Jean-Louis Deniot plays both informal and bold interior design.

French Interior Designers

Studio Jacques Garcia

French Interior Designers 5

The Paris designer‘s work is all about atmosphere. His work is renowned by the contemporary interiors of Paris best hotels and chic restaurants.

French Interior Designers 9

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French Interior Designers 4

The Argentine architect Luis Laplace, pairing with Christophe Comoy, is Paris-based and surely knows how to bring the crème de la crème of the french style and high-end design.

French Interior Designers 6

Robert Couturier Inc.

French Interior Designers 1

The Powerful work of New York-based talent is described as “Impossibly sophisticated, often color-drenched fantasias, whether period, modern, or contemporary.”

French Interior Designers 3

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Source: Architectural Digest