In this article, we will disclose the breathtaking design and ambience of a bar situated in the Dapperbuurt district of Amsterdam dubbed as Bar Botanique Café Tropique which was designed by Studio Modijefsky. This project features a tropical environment with rainforest foliage, green surfaces and various mirrors design, from wall to pendant in various sizes, so get to know a little bit more about this astonishing establishment.


Assuming a jungle character, the Bar Botanique Café Tropique is brimming with a series of palm trees, ferns, philodendron and many other exotic plants, in addition to an abundant use of green shades.

bar-botanique-studio-modijefsky-amsterdam-dutch-netherlands-green-forest-rainforest-tropical-foliage_dezeen_936_6 Bar Botanique Café Tropique

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bar-botanique-studio-modijefsky-amsterdam-dutch-netherlands-green-forest-rainforest-tropical-foliage_dezeen_936_15 Bar Botanique Café Tropique

This establishment is quite generous of space and height, thus giving the capacity of incorporating a series of hanging mobiles and reflective discs. This allows for a dappled light and moving shadows across the ceiling.

bar-botanique-studio-modijefsky-amsterdam-dutch-netherlands-green-forest-rainforest-tropical-foliage_dezeen_936_18 Bar Botanique Café Tropique

According to one of the interior architect of the studio, Zahra Rajaei, “The mirrors reflect light and the plants in the space, creating a forest-like feeling where rays of light spill through trees and plants. During the day, light spills into the space and creates natural shadows of the plants, while at night, lights shine onto the plants, creating dramatic shadows on the ceiling and walls.”

bar-botanique-studio-modijefsky-amsterdam-dutch-netherlands-green-forest-rainforest-tropical-foliage_dezeen_936_19 Bar Botanique Café Tropique


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bar-botanique-studio-modijefsky-amsterdam-dutch-netherlands-green-forest-rainforest-tropical-foliage_dezeen_936_25 Bar Botanique Café Tropique

This Bar Botanique also has a lounge area with oak flooring as well as 1950s Topform Holland armchairs and sofas. A restaurant level is defined by a mezzanine, low ceilings and washed orange walls concede a more intimate and special ambience to dine. The bar’s surface is made from marble and features arched metal glass racks that reach the ceilings. By virtue of all of the reasons listed above, this establishment becomes a must reference for those who enjoy having a good time.

bar-botanique-studio-modijefsky-amsterdam-dutch-netherlands-green-forest-rainforest-tropical-foliage-_dezeen_1568_12-936x669 Bar Botanique Café Tropique

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Source: Dezeen