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An elegant wall mirror, that’s the dream, isn’t it?! Your wish is to perfectly combine the luxurious furniture with the most subtle yet luxurious accessories. With that on your mind, Wall Mirrors would like to present LUXXU’s brand new wall mirror, Athos, which is both subtle and sophisticated, to the point that any room would look absolutely amazing with the mirror in it!


LUXXU’s empire is shaping its future by setting trends with timeless pieces and refined elegance. Lighting was the start of a luxury journey stating itself as classic with a modern twist. Today, LUXXU uncovers a crucial Imperial complement, a Furniture, and accessory Collection. Offering resembling noble materials and finishing’s where customization blossoms as brand capital. Within that amazing selection of accessories, we would like to present their newest addition, the amazing and timeless Athos wall mirror.



Athos is a modern mirror beautifully crafted with a leather, wood and brass frame. The amazing and powerful name for this piece comes from the Greek mythology Athos, who was a giant. Mythology or not, the background history of the giant figure was an instant inspiration for LUXXU, that brought it to life in the shape of a mirror.



The Athos wall mirror shares a strong design and despite its dimensions, it looks elegant in any setting, stealing all the attention. With a name related to its strong design and features, this accessory is the perfect addition to your home renovations, if you’re feeling inspired to transform the decor concept, to modern sophistication.


Can you imagine would it look on your walk-in closet or master bedroom? Imagine a room where the color palette sits on black, white, leather, with some gold accents. With that concept, you can observe that the Athos wall mirror would be the perfect choice to complete your room style in the most perfect way.


The Athos wall mirror also features standard finishes on its body such as polished brass, walnut root, smoked mirror, and grey leather. This piece would be the ultimate addition to your home decor. If you need to refresh your home decor look no further, this elegant wall mirror is available and you can get the price here!


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