LUXXU Modern Design & Living produces some of the most original and avant-garde lighting pieces, furniture and accessories you’ll ever encounter. The brand has a very peculiar and glamorous look which becomes quite evident in their wall mirror designs. Today, our blog will display Luxxu’s top 10 luxury mirrors that are absolutely exquisite.

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#1 Empire

empire-mirror-01-wall mirror designs

Being a succession to the brand’s extraordinary Empire collection, this luxurious wall mirror is an exquisite design with powerful lines that end up being the result of precise handmade techniques.

#2 Crown

crown-mirror-01-wall mirror designs

Crown becomes an epitome of beauty as it combines a smoked black mirror with gold plated brass, breaking any type of conventional and creative boundaries.

#3 Majestic

majestic-wall-light-mirror-01 wall mirror designs

A glistening piece made from a gold-plated brass circle. Each of its ribbed crystal glass cylinders induces a unique effect in any type of setting, it comes as no surprise that this innovating design is entitled, Majestic.

#4 – Darian Black


wall mirror designs

Materials like black lacquer and brass are combined into a perfect harmony in order to create a masterpiece like the Darian Black. A simple yet unique luxury item that captures both the functionality of a mirror and the splendour of an art piece. Decorative, practical and divine.

#5 – Explosion

explosion-mirror-01-wall mirror designs

The Explosion Mirror pays close attention to luxurious details, from numerous slim gold-plated brass to crystal arms which orbit around a smoked black mirror glass. It also adopts a sunburst style as well as keeping up with traditional craftsmanship techniques.

#6 – Orbis

orbis-mirror-01 wall mirrors

Inspired by ancient times, the exclusive Orbis Mirror features a simplicity of the golden era. This creation aims to total immersion in sumptuously glamorous interiors and the gold colour enhances the luxurious details present in its design.


#7 – McQueen


mcqueen-wall-light-mirror-01 wall mirrors

McQueen is the ultimate design that combines contemporary luxury and beauty with the tradition of Jewellery artisans. The magnificent foliage is made of hammered brass with gold plated finish and a rhythmic luminosity of the Swarovski crystals.

#8 – Scala Mirror

LUXXU’s New Wall Mirrors Embody Modern Design to the Fullest 4

Surrender to the beauty of crown jewels forms, as this gold round mirror that embodies a living tribute to ancient art and craftsmanship. Poetically made of gold plated brass, the Scala mirror is combined with a black smoked glass, expanding the boundaries of creativity and sophistication.

#9 – Crackle Mirror

LUXXU’s New Wall Mirrors Designs to the Fullest 1

The luxurious Crackle mirror is made of the finest gold plated brass and smoked black mirror. Exuding a sense of exclusivity and refinement to any interior space, this geometric design resembles a shattered mirror and promises to create the most glamorous interiors.

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Source: LUXXU