The work of renowned interior designer and architect Patricia Urquiola is widely known to be playful and poetic, yet pragmatic and functional, a creative combination that is the magic behind her work. She comes and goes through conventional time – rethinking, reinventing, and creating new concepts and designs. The effect is a powerful reminder of the past and exploration into the now, always creating a new experience for the user.

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Her design is clean and she creates aesthetic and unique objects and furniture designs. In today’s article, you will be able to discover two remarkable wall mirror designs that were developed by Urquiola for famous Italian brands, the Shimmer Mirror for Glas Italia and the Changes 09 Mirror for Gallotti&Radice.

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Glas Italia is renowned for developing designs that combine cutting-edge techniques with the heritage and tradition of craftsmanship in glass. The brand enlisted Patricia Urquiola to design the stunning Shimmer Mirror.

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Providing an exceptional iridescent effect, the Shimmer mirror is made from extra-light glass and finished with a highly specialised polychromatic coating, allowing each piece to reflect a wide range of color variations across their surface.

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The proficient artist was responsible for the design of Changes 09 for Gallotti&Radice, a stunning set of modular mirrors which were cohesively designed in order to provide one with a customisable and attention-grabbing showcase.

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Finished in a white lacquered wooden frame, these wall-mounted mirrors have a rectangular shape and they can be placed either vertically or horizontally.

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