Danish design company, Normann Copenhagen was founded in 1999 by Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen with the purpose of providing original, timeless and contemporary design as well as questioning the conventional thinking by turning simple objects or spaces into awe-inspiring masterpieces. Today’s article will focus on the brand’s new lust collection of mirrors which were designed by Simon Legald.

normann copenhagen lust mirror collection 2
Source: Design Is This

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normann copenhagen lust mirror collection 3
Source: Architonic

This decorative collection of lust wall mirrors can be harmoniously matched on a wall due to its geometric figures and reflections in shining colors. Within the collection, one can find the Lust Mirror Small Purple, the Lust Mirror Medium Gold and the Lust Mirror Large Green.

normann copenhagen lust mirror collection 4
Source: Connox

Simon Legald designed this enticing series of mirrors that are oak framed and were inspired by colored leaded windows. The glass patterns were transformed into geometric shapes and colored mirror glass in gemstone tones. When combined together, the mirrors are able to create a vibrant mosaic of mirrors.

normann copenhagen lust mirror collection 5
Source: Connox

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To fully understand the essence of Simon Legald’s designs, read what the design had to say, “Honesty is what makes a product understandable and is what describes the products’ functionality. If you understand the product, it does not need any explanation. The essence of my design is for it to be bought and used. Therefore, it has to satisfy not only the functional aspects, but also the psychological and aesthetic needs. For me simplicity describes the true identity of objects and makes them trustworthy. In my design, I try not to add any unnecessary details. I work with simplicity by highlighting the necessities instead of hiding them. It gives the product a simple and honest expression.”

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Source: Norman Copenhagen